MCB Rupys

MCB Rupys 0-11

We are Païsa, Cash, Sue and Lingot. We are the Rupys and we make saving so much fun for all our friends who are under 12.

Start early

Did you know that you can have an MCB Rupys account as soon as you are born? It is never too early to start saving. The earlier, the better: Your MCB Rupys account can grow with you!
  • Open an account without a minimum deposit
  • Earn interests when your balance reaches Rs 500


Welcome to our wonderful world. Together, we will discover a lot of new things, share great moments and live incredible adventures. After all, we are the Rupys and we love surprising you!

Collect the rewards

Saving is rewarding. Each time your MCB Rupys account balance reaches a specific level and stays there for six months, we will invite you to collect a fantastic gift. Here are the levels and the gifts. Which ones do you fancy most?

These exciting gifts are up for grabs! PDF 3MB

Open your account

Ask your parents to open your account today. They simply need to visit any MCB Branch with the following documents and we'll do the rest:
  • Your birth certificate
  • Their ID Cards
  • A proof of address (CEB, CWA, MT bill) 


Your parent can access your account through MCB Internet Banking to keep track of transactions, transfer money easily and pay online.
It is now easier to assess the progress of your balance so that you can fully enjoy the reward program.
This feature is only accessible to customers who have linked their child’s account to theirs.
To do so, ask your parents to visit any MCB branch with their National Identity Card (NIC).

Go further

Education is key to your future. Tell your parents to ask about our Education Plan or to try our Education Plan simulator.