Individual Cards


Pay at your own pace with MCB SmartPay!

MCB SmartPay helps you manage your finances by dividing your purchases into smaller instalments. 

Whether it is a Smartphone, a refrigerator, an iPad, home appliances, gardening tools and many others, you may choose to pay your product in 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 or 36 months as per your needs and budget. 

With MCB SmartPay, there is no need to apply for additional credit facilities as you may use the credit which is already available on your MCB card.

The first payment of your SmartPay purchases will start one month after the purchase. You can keep track of all your expenses via monthly statements that will be mailed to you or through internet banking.

MCB SmartPay is now available at: 361, Caunhye Bijoux, Chateau D'Ax, Dix sur Dix, Domah Commercial Centre, Emcar, Espace Maison, eShop, Farouk Hossen, HM Rawat, iShop, Johaness Coiffure, Johaness Entertainment, Johaness Spa, King Bros, Leal & Co Ltd, Madison, Maison de la Moto, Mega Baron, Meubles Domingue, Mikado, Monoptica, Mr Bricolage, National Car Centre, Profilage, RedLine Distribution Ltd, RedLine Marketing, Schmidt, Smart Office Automation, Space Fitness, SureSlim, United Motors, Vision Hut, Wellness & Fitness, Wingfoot and Yuni.