Protect Life Insurance

Protect Life Insurance

Save as little as Rs 750 monthly with the Protect Payment by Instalment Plan, underwritten by SWAN Life Ltd. You will enjoy regular cash lump sums, accumulated bonuses and substantial life protection cover.

With Protect Payment by Instalment Plan, you will receive:
  • Cash lump sums every 3 or 5 years
  • Accumulated bonuses at maturity
  • Protection for you and your family while saving for the future

The advantages
  • Save as little as Rs 750 per month
  • Get twice the sum insured as death cover
  • Get four times the sum insured in case of accidental death.
  • Obtain total and permanent disability cover*

*Cover on option

Terms & Conditions apply

Insurance products do not fall under the supervision and regulation of the Bank of Mauritius. Protect Payment by Instalment Plan is a life insurance product distributed by MCB and issued by SWAN Life Ltd, an insurer licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Commission.