fixed deposit

Fixed Deposits

Save smartly with a Fixed Deposit Account. Your money is safe and returns are guaranteed so you have complete peace of mind.

On your terms

Simply decide how much money you want to put away and for how long. We will let you know your guaranteed returns from the start
  • Make your money grow in a simple,
    safe and convenient way
  • Earn a higher return than on a normal Savings Account
  • Choose your deposit term from 7 days, 3, 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months.
  • Choose your interest payment: monthly, quarterly, yearly or at maturity.
  • Use your Fixed Deposit Account as a guarantee for a loan facility

Open your Fixed Deposit Account online

Opening a Fixed Deposit Account is even simpler and faster if you have Internet Banking. Choose the currency, the amount you wish to deposit, the term along with the interest payment frequency and let your money do the restfor you. No document will be required for online applications.

Flexible rates

To obtain the best rates, simply deposit higher amounts for longer terms and opt to collect interest at maturity. For more details, please ask in-branch.