My life. My way

My life. My way.

My life is my own hands. The choices I make will define who I am. And, the opportunities I seize will determine who I’ll be.

To get there, I can choose from the offers specifically designed for me.

MCB Campus: my education
MCB Campus helps me further my education and achieve my goals. Whether it’s for undergraduate/postgraduate studies, or for professional training, MCB Campus can provides me with the financial support I need. More info

Pack 18.25: my everyday needs
Pack 18.25 makes banking easier as it is customised to my very own lifestyle. Designed to help me manage my money smartly, it brings together all the services and features I need. More info

Prepaid cards: my payments
Prepaid Cards just make my payments so simple. Whether I need to shop online, withdraw some cash, or visit faraway (or not-so-faraway) places, prepaid cards are a perfect and safe companion. More info