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Self-service banking


Our wide network is composed of more than 160 ATMs across Mauritius and Rodrigues for your convenience. The MCB was the first bank to provide this service to the country in December 1987 and has not stopped expanding its network since.

As at now, we are the only bank to offer 24/7 change facilities through our user-friendly Forex ATMs, which will provide you with the main foreign currencies.

We are also the only bank to provide you with Cash Online Deposit ATMs through specific ATMs which accept notes (except 25-rupee ones) on a 24/7 basis. Once your deposit is made, the amount is immediately credited to your account.

There also exists a few Cash-Only ATMs that our valued and busy customers find handy to use to withdraw rapidly pre-set amounts ranging from Rs 1,000 to Rs10,000 from such dedicated ATMs.

ATMs situated in outside branch premises offer facilities like balance enquiries, mini-statements, Change PIN code, and Inter-Account Transfers. Through the Refill option, these ATMs also allow users to recharge any pre-paid Orange or Emtel mobiles.

In each branch ATM lobby, there is at least one telling machine on which customers can also effect deposits onto their bank account through deposit envelope.