Self-service banking


E-statements work exactly like paper statements; use them for taxes, record- keeping and even more. You can view, print and download them whenever you like directly from mail.

Don’t be hassled by limited storage or cluttered when e-statements can provide you with a convenient, secure, and best of all, free way to have access to your account statements and any document.

How does it work? 
On top of viewing and accessing your statements with ease, you can also avail yourself of the following: 
  • Save your E-Statements as PDFs, which you can access and print as needed
  • Obtain E-Statements for many accounts, including: current, savings, credit cards, home loans, personal loans, lines of credit, student loans, funds and investments.

3 easy ways to register and receive all your statements by email.

It’s faster, more practical and kinder to the environment.

  • Download and fill in the form below,  take a clear photo of it with your mobile (information must be easily readable) and send to estatement@mcb.mu
  • Or fill in the form and drop it at any MCB branch
  • Or apply through MCB Internet Banking at mcb.mu (applicable only to Single accounts)

If done via Internet Banking:

  • Login to your Internet Banking
  • Go to “Services > Register to e-statements”

Single Account Application FormJoint Account Application Form