fleetman card
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Fleetman cards

An essential business tool
Fleetman credit card is the perfect companion for your fleet of vehicles. Use it as a more convenient alternative to cash and cheques when paying for petrol but also for spare parts, servicing (including engine oil and tyres) and other repairs at garages and vehicle dealers displaying the Fleetman logo.

Freedom of movement

  • Benefit from a revolving credit.
  • Register one vehicle per card.
  • Manage and control your vehicles' fuel consumption and performance through the Vehicle Technical Report (VTR).
  • Enjoy a validity of one year for added security.
  • Simplify your financial and cost accounting.

Convenience and security

The Fleetman card brings you the ultimate convenience as it does not require a PIN or signature. Each card is embossed with the vehicle registration number, make and model. So each card allows the purchase of petrol for a specific vehicle.

Smart checks

Monitor all your vehicles' expenses with the Fleetman card. A technical report will be sent to you on a monthly basis for each vehicle with the following details:
  • Expenses incurred for each vehicle.
  • Purchases and fuel performance over the past 12 months.

Stay in control

Using Fleetman cards will allow you to receive accurate reporting on mileage and fuel consumption. It will also help you gauge the capital worth of your fleet and decide when it's time to replace your vehicles.