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Project & Infrastructure Financing

We boast having a dedicated Project Finance Team with hands-on experience in the financing of local as well as regional projects.

To deliver a world class service to our clients requiring specialist financing, we harness the competencies within MCB and draw on our extensive regional and international network.

Particularly on large projects requiring thorough analysis of the cash flow and involving a variety of stakeholders, we have the required skills, expertise and experience to apply project finance techniques to finance capital expenditure. In fact, our services go beyond the provision of such financing; we are keen to add value to your project through the sharing of our specialist knowledge and experience.

Our Project Finance Team, together with dedicated Account Executives, appraise projects in sectors ranging from hospitality to power generation through real estate. Through close collaboration throughout the process, we can help you in various ways such as mitigating the project risks, preparing your documentation, arranging for financing with other banks, etc. and ultimately reach your goals.