non banking services
Corporate Banking

Custodian services

Let MCB Custody be your perfect bridge to investments in Mauritius and over 80 other markets. We shall manage the details and mitigate your risks, while you concentrate on optimising your return on investments.

Trust our service with:
  • Unmatched local knowledge and global quality standards;
  • Exceptional quality of service from a dedicated team;
  • Easy access to the Mauritian and international markets; 
  • High level of process automation;
  • Reliability of an undisputed market leader. 

Tailored services

Our comprehensive capabilities enable us to provide quality, timely and easy-to-access information to meet your custody needs and tailor solutions. Our palette of services has been designed with you in mind: 
  • Open cash and securities custodian accounts; 
  • Maintain database of accounts;
  • Transfer stock to/from custody accounts; 
  • Hold cash and assets (including foreign currency deposits);
  • Hold records of dematerialized assets;
  • Provide safekeeping of assets, where applicable;
  • Control receipts and payments regarding investments (Settlement of trades);
  • Reconcile assets;
  • Report on position held to Client: 
  • Valuation
  • Trading statement
  • Dividend report
  • Cash statement
  • Income & Dividends (for which notice is received): 
  • Track expected income;
  • Reconcile expected versus actual
  • Capitalise
  • Pay away by instruction on investments
  • Forward corporate action details;
  • Implement corporate action instruction;
  • Effect payment of expenses and charges.