Secure your deal by leveraging MCB’s reputation and assurance of payment on your behalf.

Establish your financial credibility with guarantees issued by MCB

You want to demonstrate that you have the ability to meet contractual obligations? You want to enhance your financial credibility vis-a-vis your buyers or suppliers?

How we can help your business

Our team has experience in various sectors and can work with you to propose the most relevant Guarantee product to support your business needs.

Tailor-made advice to suit your business’ requirements
Re-inforce your financial credibility and guarantee your ability to meet contractual commitments
Choice of standard or customized wordings to provide you with the Guarantee that suit your needs

You can avail of various types of bonds or guarantees including the following:

  • TENDER BOND: Demonstrate that you are a serious bidder during a tendering process
  • PERFORMANCE BOND: Guarantees payment of a penalty amount should terms specified in contractual agreements not be fulfilled
  • ADVANCED PAYMENT GUARANTEE: Guarantees repayment of advanced funds received in the event of default