Property Financing

Trusted advisors with deep industry knowledge, global reach and a suite of services provided over the globe to serve your unique set of needs and help you achieve your most complex goals.

Customised solutions for your complex property financing needs

At MCB, we have a deep understanding of the commercial and residential property markets. With a tailored approach, certainty of execution and responsiveness, our team of experts combines a wealth of knowledge with innovative solutions to ensure your goals are achieved.

How we can help your business

We provide high-level financing and innovative solutions, which we demonstrate through our long-term relationships and expertise. With a pool of dedicated specialists, you will receive our undivided attention while we help you finance complex real estate projects such as residential development, commercial property, office space, or low carbon projects.

A strong record in financing property projects
Innovative and bespoke solutions meeting clients’ legal and administrative requirements
A wealth of experience in commercial development, residential development, mixed use development, Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) and Real Estate Scheme (RES) projects
Expert support around project risks management and documentation
A comprehensive set of financial services, with an integrated package of other relevant MCB products and services
Easy handling of all your banking requirements, including loan applications of buyers on the various property deals