We need to be more environmentally conscious these days and we lead the way. So say goodbye to printed statements.

Convenient, secure and free access

MCB E-statements can provide you with easy access to information you need. No more hassles with limited storage or clutter – MCB E-statements work exactly like paper statements and can provide you with instant sight of your MCB financial transactions, handy for taxes, record-keeping and more. View, print and download your MCB E-statements whenever you like from our Internet Banking platform. You can also enjoy the same service for your advices.


Faster, more practical and kinder to the environment
Convenient and Secure access to your account statements and advices, including for previous periods
Electronic record-keeping across many accounts
Contribute to a green cause
Free of Charge

How does it work?

As well as viewing and accessing your statements with ease, you can also:

  • Download and Save your e-statements and e-advices as PDFs, which you can access and print if needed
  • Obtain e-statements for many accounts, including: current, credit cards, loans, trade finance and investment portfolios

How to register to MCB E-statements

Send an application form

Download, fill in the form, sign it and send to your Relationship Manager