31 Day Notice Account

Make your cash work harder for your business.


A convenient & flexible solution that lets you put your surplus cash to work while keeping it accessible. 

Earn extra revenue with an interest bearing USD/EUR account:

  • For USD Accounts: 1-month USD Libor – 0.75% p.a.
  • For EUR Accounts: 0.10% p.a.


Flexibility to make subsequent deposits (top-ups) anytime
Minimum deposit for account opening: USD 250K or EUR 250K
Minimum balance for remuneration: USD 250K or EUR 250K
Minimum withdrawal amount: USD 250K or EUR 250K
31 day notice period before you may withdraw your funds *
View and Top Up your account via Internet Banking


* Should you require your funds before the 31-day notice period, a penalty rate will be applicable.