Bulk Payments

Choose an easy, reliable and highly efficient payment solution that suits your business needs and simplifies your bulk transactions.

Streamline your bulk payment processes

Optimise your resources and improve your business efficiency with MCB’s secured bulk payment service. Simple, quick and convenient, this functionality allows you to pay your beneficiaries via a single file upload, anytime and anywhere.

How can we help your business

Combined with high-end security as well as the assurance of maintaining the confidentiality of your bulk payment data, our service allows you to make multiple payments in one transaction while using an advanced, easy to use internet-based Bulk Payment service for your payroll, dividends and supplier payments among others.

Both local and international payments can be made in domestic or major foreign currencies
Straight-through processing of transactions
Bulk payment instructions can be set up on the payment date or up to 30 business days before
Unlimited number of transactions allowed per bulk payment file
Stay in control of your payments via a full audit trail of transactions

A fully secured system, with the following features:

  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer 128 bit encryption) prevents fraudulent reading or amendment of private data transmitted
  • A digital certificate verifies the identity and authenticity of MCB Internet Banking web page
  • The security token, a two factor authentication device, generates one-off passwords to authorise your transactions or requests
  • A powerful firewall mechanism prevents unauthorised access to and from its information network
  • An automatic timeout allows the system to log you off if there is no activity within 15 minutes

How To Apply

  • Sign the registration documents
  • Obtain the pre-defined format to be used for the loading of your bulk payment instructions
  • Follow on-site training
  • Start using the bulk payment tool to process your payments