Fleetman Card

We help you manage your vehicles’ running costs by offering a one-stop shopping for a spectrum of fleet-related services.

Convenience and increased security for your fleet

MCB Fleetman Cards bring both efficiency and control to your business and employees. We look for better ways to help you manage costs in fuel and maintenance while ensuring you monitor the driver’s spending limits and patterns as well as enhancing your fleet’s performance.

How we can help your business

Leverage our fleet fuel cards customised to your fleet size. The more visibility into spending you can keep track of ultimately enables you to boost productivity and increase cost savings.
Register one vehicle per card to better manage your fleet’s running costs
Monitor your vehicles' fuel consumption, maintenance and performance through the Vehicle Technical Report (VTR)
Take advantage of a revolving credit
Benefit from added convenience as there’s no need for PIN or signature
Make your financial and cost accounting easier
Access accurate reporting on mileage and fuel consumption to help you gauge the capital worth of your fleet when it's time to replace your vehicles
Increased security to protect you against any potential fraudulent transactions