Membership Rewards®

The reward programme that gives you more

American Express® Membership Rewards® is a premier loyalty programme, where every rupee you spend on your American Express® earns you lifelong points, redeemable for fantastic gifts, including 5-star hotel stays, international travel and luxury giftware.

Best credit Card rewards program

Welcome to a world of luxurious design, leisure and travel. Just use your American Express® Card and you will earn one point for every rupee you spend on eligible purchases (or the foreign currency equivalent). Redeem your points and enjoy the rewards.

Air travel
Hotel stays
Luxury giftware
Spa treatments

Amazing rewards

Indulge yourself. Choose from hundreds of gifts and unforgettable experiences. 

All is possible with Membership Rewards®. 

The choice is yours!

Discover the Membership Rewards® Programme

Fly with points

Book at MCB American Express® Travel and we will convert your Membership Rewards® points into a discount on your air ticket, vacation or cruise. 

Your American Express® Card also offers free membership to Priority Pass™, giving you access to over 1,300 airport lounges worldwide.

View list of Priority Pass lounges

There’s more to Rewards than you think

Did you know that you can get additional cards for your loved ones and earn points on those cards too? It all adds up, the points have no expiry date. So save them up and redeem them when you’re ready. You’ll be able to check the balance of your Membership Rewards® points in your monthly card statement.