MCB Debit Card

Your MCB debit card can be used at over 13 million locations around the world at 1.9 million ATMs

An ideal substitute for cash

Whether you are in Mauritius or abroad, your debit card gives you substantial spending power and is a convenient substitute for cash, letting you shop and access all services on ATMs. 

Pay for your goods & services at merchants point of sales
Daily limit: Rs. 10,000 or equivalent in forex
No spending limits except what’s available in your account
Withdraw cash from any ATM
Win fabulous prizes through lucky draws

24/7 banking around the world

MCB has the largest network of ATMs in Mauritius. Your debit card lets you use them for your daily banking needs at anytime. No need to visit a branch, no need to worry about opening hours.
Deposit money on your account
Recharge mobile phone credits via MCB Refill
Change your PIN number
Check your account balance
View your last transactions