MCB Cards

Touch & Pay (contactless transactions) - simple, fast and safe

Just touch and pay

Ask the merchant if you can make contactless payments or look for the contactless icon contactless symbol on the payment terminal.

  • Touch the payment terminal with your card
  • Wait for the beep sound
  • Remove your card
  • Your transaction is completed

Note: You can deactivate the contactless payment functionality at your convenience via JuiceByMCB.

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It's safe

Touch & Pay uses the same technology as microchip cards.
Moreover, your card always stays in your hand during the transaction.

Pay with your cards – no need to carry cash

It’s convenient

Avoid carrying around large amounts of cash – a simple card will fit in easily in your wallet or purse. Pay for your products and services at point of sales with any of your MCB cards.

Keep track on your spending

You spend only what is available on your account or your credit card balance. And, you keep track of your expenses through our statements, or our mobile app, JuiceByMCB. No more figuring out where your money went – it’s all clear!

Manage your cards

With our mobile app, JuiceByMCB, you can view the amount available on your debit card account and the available limit for your credit card(s).

You can also:

  • Activate/deactivate your card
  • Set or change the PIN code of your card
  • Activate/deactivate various card functionalities such as contactless & online transactions for debit cards and foreign payments

You can also view your credit card statements on JuiceByMCB or Internet Banking.

Exclusive offers linked to your cards

Enjoy special offers at selected merchants and win fabulous prizes through lucky draws.

Shop online with your MCB cards, including your debit card

It’s practical

Avoid crowded shopping malls and save time. Access an endless range of products online and buy your favourite brands, from the comfort of your home.

It’s safe

Your cards have automatically been registered to MCB Secure, which means that you can safely shop online, with complete peace of mind.

Your USER ID for MCB Secure can be found on JuiceByMCB in the cards’ section.

Shop with your debit card too!

Simply enable online transactions via JuiceByMCB. You then deactivate this functionality whenever it suits you.

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Bill Payments

emptyTake the hassle out of paying bills – pay them online and on time

Save time and effort

Avoid queues and late payments! Pay your utility bills with your card, from the comfort of your home.

Which bills can you pay online?

You can pay your electricity and water bills online, with you card.

It's safe

Your cards have automatically been registered to MCB Secure, which means that you can safely shop online, with complete peace of mind.

Click here to know how MCB Secure works.

Pay your bills with “Direct Debit”

Make regular payments

An easy way of paying your bills automatically; so bills are never forgotten or delayed.

How does it work?

We will simply pay your bills on your behalf – with your consent, we will debit your account with the amount of your bill and pay the supplier.

To set up your Direct Debit, fill in the form below and send it to any MCB branch or your Relationship Executive.

Pay with JuicebyMCB

Pay your purchases with your smartphone

Your smartphone is always with you, so is your bank

Coupled with security and ease of use, you can make your payments instantly and hassle-free via our mobile banking application, JuiceByMCB.

Pay a Juice merchant

Need to pay for the delivery bill of your groceries or your food ordered from a restaurant? Simply follow these steps:

  • Open JuiceByMCB
  • Go to the “Pay & Transfer” tab
  • Select “Pay a Juice Merchant”
  • Search merchant
  • Enter amount
  • Confirm your payment

Pay via a QR code

Select “Scan to Pay” on JuiceByMCB to scan the QR code of the merchant and complete your payments with just a few taps.

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Need to refund someone?

Transfer money instantly

You only need the mobile phone number of the person. It’s as simple as that:

  • Open JuiceByMCB
  • Select “Transfer to Mobile”
  • Enter the mobile number of the beneficiary
  • Enter amount
  • Confirm your transfer

Refill your mobile

Running out of credit? Refill your mobile phone anytime & anywhere

It has never been easier, quicker and simpler. Not only you can refill your mobile phone, but you can also refill that of someone else.

Just follow these steps:

  • Open JuiceByMCB
  • Select “Refill” (at the bottom)
  • Enter mobile number
  • Select mobile operator
  • Select amount
  • Confirm your transfer