Service Notification

12 Apr 2022

Petrol stations accepting MCB products

Dear customer, 
You will find a list of 36 petrol retailers that are still accepting card payments (debit and credit) without any additional fee. For more information, click
Kindly also note that, as at to-date, other digital payment alternatives exist. You may settle your bill at petrol stations via our MCB Juice app, which is accepted by 92 petrol stations around the island. For more information, click
Please also note that Fleetman Cards are authorised everywhere in the country, except for Shell (New Grove) and Total (Phoenix). 
30 Sep 2022

American Express renewal cards PIN code

Dear Customer, 
Please note that all American Express card members having their cards expiring on 30th September 2022 and 31st October 2022 will need to make a PIN change before using their renewed MCB card. Impacted customers are requested to proceed via MCB Juice, followed by a successful ATM transaction like a balance enquiry. 
We regret all inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.
01 Nov 2022

Minimum account balance to earn interest on ICA and ISA

Dear Customer, 
Effective 1st December 2022, the minimum account balance to earn interest on Individual Foreign Currency Current Accounts and Investment Settlement Accounts shall be reviewed as follows:- USD 5,000, GBP 5,000, EUR 5,000, AUD 7,500, CHF 5,000, CNY 40,000, and ZAR 100,000. 
Please contact your Banker or call us on 202 6060 for more information.
04 Nov 2022

Service discontinuation of Cash Advance at SSR Airport Counter

Dear Valued Customer,
Please note that the Cash advance service- Withdrawal on Point Of Sales with Credit cards - has been discontinued at SSR Airport Counter.
You may consider the following alternatives if you are travelling and need foreign currencies:
1. MCB Credit cards can be used to pay at Point Of Sales.  
2. Currency can be withdrawn abroad with your credit card on ATM in destination countries.
We remain available for any related queries and also thank you for your kind understanding.