Service Notification

03 Jun 2019

EUR account credit balances

Effective 1st June 2019, the negative interest of 0.40% is no longer applicable on EUR account credit balances exceeding EUR 100,000.
13 Sep 2019

Cheque deposits on credit cards will no longer be accepted as from 15th October 2019

Dear Customer,

Please note that, as from 15th October 2019, cheque deposits on credit cards will no longer be accepted. Alternative options are available for the transfer of funds to credit cards.
17 Sep 2019

Phasing out of ATM Envelope Deposits

ATMs accepting deposits (cash and cheque) by envelope shall gradually be phased out. And as from January 2020 envelopes will no longer be required for cash and cheque deposits at our ATMs.
25 Nov 2019

Cards: Change of pricing (MasterCard/Visa Gold)

Dear Customer,

Please note that, as from 25th November 2019, the pricing for MasterCard Gold/Visa Gold cards has been reviewed as follows:

  • MUR 1,092.50 (MUR 950 + VAT) instead of MUR 920 (MUR 800 + VAT)

26 Feb 2020

Important browser information

Dear Customer,

In order to ensure the best and most secure browsing experience on our various websites, you are kindly recommended to update your browser to one of these versions: 

  • Mozilla Firefox 35 or newer
  • Apple Safari 9 or newer
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge 11 or newer


02 Jul 2020

JuiceByMCB: Discontinuation of CWA Bill Payment option

The Central Water Authority (CWA) has discontinued its Bill Payment option via our mobile application, JuiceByMCB. 
We however offer other convenient ways to pay your bills: you can set up a direct debit or use your debit/credit card to pay by scanning the QR code featured on your CWA bill. 
If you are using your debit card online for the first time, please activate this feature on JuiceByMCB. 
For more information, please call us on 202 6060.
24 Jul 2020

JuiceByMCB updates

  • A One-Time-Password (OTP) or a Token will be mandatory for all the ‘Other Local Bank’ (OLB) transfers performed on Juice, irrespective of the transactional amounts
  • Emtel Refill Options have been updated 
  • Updated SMS will be used on Juice to send codes to complete transaction. The aim of these updated SMS is also to create awareness against fraud attempts
26 Aug 2020

Participation to MAUCAS

MCB has joined the Mauritius Central Automated Switch (MauCAS) owned and operated by the Bank of Mauritius.
11 Sep 2020


Dear valued customer,
Please note that a valid National Identity Card or a valid Passport is mandatory for all transactions at our counters. 
The Bank reserves the right to decline any transaction in the absence of the above mentioned identification documents.
18 Nov 2020

Latest Visa prepaid card Terms & Conditions

Dear Customer, 
Please note that the latest Visa prepaid card Terms & Conditions, dated October 2020, are available on under Personal Banking > Pay > Prepaid cards > Visa Prepaid card > Terms & conditions