Service Notification

05 Jun 2018

Touch & Pay

A contactless card is a faster way to pay, through our "Touch & Pay" option which is available on your MCB Mastercard Debit card. Touch & Pay applies to purchases under Rs. 500, at participating stores. Instead of swiping your card or inserting it in the Point of Sale (POS) terminal, you simply need to touch the POS with your card to authorise a transaction. You will not need to insert your PIN number.

You are able to pay a cumulative amount of up Rs. 1,000, or a maximum of 2 consecutive contactless transactions. The maximum value per contactless transaction is Rs. 500, both locally or abroad, with Touch & Pay.

The contactless transaction counter is reset immediately after an approved PIN transaction is effected.
07 Dec 2018

A special counter in each branch from 6th December

With the announcement of the withdrawal of the old Rs 2,000 notes which are being replaced by new ones, offering more security, MCB has decided to open a dedicated counter, offering cashiers services, in all its branches. These special desks have been operational since Thursday 6th December 2018, and will be open until 31st January 2019.