American Express®

From 1st August 2019 to 30th September 2019, for each rupee spent on your American Express® Card, you will earn two Membership Rewards™ points.

Terms & Conditions

American Express® Cardmembers are entitled to participate in the campaign ‘Double up points for more rewards’ with their American Express® Card (green) and American Express® Gold Card issued by MCB.

  • Use your American Express® Card (green) and American Express® Gold Card (in Mauritius and/or abroad) and double your points.
  • Only transactions made on Point Of Sale terminals and online, and posted at MCB shall be recorded.
  • ATM withdrawals, at the counter cash withdrawals, betting online & quasi cash transactions shall be excluded in the double points.
  • The total amount spent (equivalent to MUR value) shall be recorded on the primary account of the cardholder(s). Thus, all expenses made by the additional cardholder(s) will be summed up with the amount spent by the primary cardholder.

Validity: 30 September 2019

Applicable to: American Express® Card (green), American Express® Gold Card