A Relaxing Treatment at Santosha Spa - Tamassa Resort

When you just want to be idle and in a stillness state of mind, connect with your higher self and feel a sense of inner peace with pre-treatment rituals – Pranayama, a relaxing art of breathing technique, followed by a sound healing therapy with the aroma elixirs of your choice, to help release mind blockages. Then, indulge in a relaxing massage, ideal to relax your whole body and mind, reduce stress, tension, lack of sleep, and calm the nervous system.

Duration: 60 mins

A Relaxing Treatment for 1 adult at Santosha Spa - Tamassa Resort

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Please contact the hotel to book your spa treatment by calling 603 7300 or sending an email on Reservations@res.theluxcollective.com

Validity: 14 January 2023