Retirement Plan

No matter how far away it seems, it’s a smart idea to plan for your retirement early. Start today by putting aside as little as Rs. 1,000 each month.

Designed to match your retirement age

We have a range of dedicated funds, which will ensure that your contributions are invested with your retirement age in mind.
Choose your retirement age
Automatic annual contribution escalation options (5%, 10% or 15%) to keep-up with inflation
Boost your plan by making extra contributions anytime
Withdraw from your accumulated funds at any time
Increase or decrease your monthly contributions

3 cash-in options:

Lump sum with 100% redemption of your accumulated funds
Monthly payment through gradual redemption of accumulated funds until depletion
Reduced monthly payment coupled with a partial lump sum

Enjoy the retirement that you deserve

Secure your accumulated funds

You have the option to transfer part or all of your investment to an MCB fixed deposit account with a premium return five years before your planned retirement date.

Cashing in

Select the option that suits you best: a lump sum with 100% redemption, a monthly payment or a reduced monthly payment with a partial lump sum.