Online and Mobile

The protection of your privacy matters to us. Be assured that our services rely on high-security mechanisms to protect your finances. Your collaboration is key, remember to take some precautions too.

A joint effort in view of protecting your money

We’re committed to making your internet and mobile banking experience secure and protected by using strong security features that will provide you peace of mind.

Stay on the alert

Some common signs that your computer might be malware-infected.

  • It’s running extremely slow.
  • Applications/Programs won’t start and won’t work properly.
  • Your computer runs out of hard drive space and crashes.
  • You cannot connect to the Internet.
  • You get pop-up ads, unusual messages and unsolicited pages that display on screen.
  • Your friends are getting strange messages from you.
  • Files have been deleted.
  • You are locked out of your computer.
  • You cannot shut down your computer.

Remember: If you suspect any malicious softwares lurking on your computer, stop doing any transaction online!

Banking safely from your smartphone
  • Protect your phone with a password and an antivirus.
  • Always ensure that your apps are from reputable sources.
  • Never store passwords on your phone.
  • Make sure you log-off after every session on Internet Banking and MCB Juice.
  • Remember to inform us whenever your contact details change.
  • Check your browser for the lock symbol which indicates that you are using a secure and reputable web connection.
  • Do not send sensitive data such as card details or important private information by text message.

Report it

Hoax emails are continually in circulation. Although they might appear genuine, they are fraudulent!

Tips to Spot a Fraudulent Email...

  • Those request sensitive personal information.
  • They invoke a sense of urgency or make use of threatening language.
  • They request information confirmation and update.
  • They have spelling mistakes.
  • They have odd-looking email even if the display name might look correct.

If you think your MCB account has been compromised, contact us straight away. In case you’ve received a suspicious email, forward it to us immediately on and then delete it.

Remember: Under no circumstances you should act on those suspicious emails.