Is there a maximum amount that an MCB customer can load on the Prepaid card?

A daily and monthly loading limit of up to Rs. 350,000 is applicable. For example, if a customer has loaded Rs. 350,000 on his/her card, he/she will not be able to load additional funds on the card during the current month.

The monthly loading limit also depends on the available balance on the card. For example, if the card balance as at date is Rs. 25,000, and the cardholder wants to load additional funds on the card, the maximum amount that can be loaded is Rs. 325,000 provided that customer has not loaded the card during the current month.

It is to be noted that a limit, per customer, is applicable. However, if a customer has a combination of Visa and UPI Prepaid cards, the monthly load limit and maximum amount applicable to the total funds on all his/her cards will be Rs. 850,000.

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