I have registered on the Prepaid Card Interface. Why can’t I access the platform?

Several reasons may account to why you cannot access the platform:

  • Your browser has not loaded the new version of the site. You must clear the cache in order to access to the platform:
        - For Windows PC/laptop, press Ctrl + Shift + Delete simultaneously
        - For Mac PC/laptop, press Command + Shift + Delete simultaneously
  • You have performed 3 unsuccessful login attempts, which led to your prepaid account being deactivated.
        - To reactivate your account, please click on ‘Forgot password’ and a temporary password will be sent to your registered email address.
        Note: You need to log in with the temporary password within 30 minutes.
  • Your account is blocked or expired. If you have received the messages “account blocked�? or “account expired�?, please click on ‘Forgot password’ to reactivate your account.
  • You have entered the wrong login credentials. If the following notifications have appeared: “authentication failed�?, “incorrect login or password�?, “incorrect login name, first name, last name, email or birthdate�? or “invalid email�?, you must enter the correct information.
        Note: These data are case sensitive.
  • Your session has expired. If you see the notification “session expired�?, you will need to log in again.

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