Why are my transactions declined sometimes?

Several reasons may be associated to declined transactions, mainly:

Insufficient funds

  • The available funds on your card are less than your transaction amount
  • When loading your card, a loading fee is applicable, which is deducted from your card balance. For example, if you have loaded your card with Rs 1,000 and try to spend the Rs 1,000, your transaction will be declined as your card balance will be less than Rs 1,000 following the deduction of the loading fee.
  • For cross-currency transactions, you must ensure that there are significant sufficient funds on your card (at least 5% above the transaction amount) to provide for conversion fees applicable in addition to the purchase amount at the time transaction is authorised.
Card Verification Value (CVV)
  • If you wrongly enter your CVV 9 consecutive times, you will not be able to transact with the card.

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