Prepaid card

Enjoy the convenience of our Prepaid Card interface to monitor your expenses. A comprehensive list of “how to” below provides you with a thorough inside with how to go about exploring the online options associated with your card.

How to access Prepaid Card Interface?

How to register on Prepaid Card Interface?

How to activate your card?

How to deactivate your card?

How to view your card balance?

How to add a new card to your account?

How to view your transactions?

How to view your card statement?

How to view your UserID?

How to view your contact details?

How to change your password?

How to change language on the Prepaid Card Interface?

How to request your login?

How to request a new password?

How to make an online purchase - with one-time password (OTP)?

How to make an online purchase- without one-time password (OTP)?


We strongly recommend the following browsers to be able to access the ‘Prepaid Card’ interface :
  • Internet Explorer 11 and above
  • Mozilla 38.0 and above
  • Chrome 42.0 and above
  • Safari 10 and above

Moreover if you experience difficulties accessing the application, please download the latest version of Adobe Flash player. 

Please note that we are currently having a technical issue with iOS devices. We regret the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding. Meanwhile, you may check your balance or mini-statement, free of charge, via any MCB ATM. On-screen balance is available on any ATM.