Internet Banking


Our Internet Banking service will simplify your everyday banking with us, providing you with more freedom, comfort, and security. Manage your personal finances online in an easy and flexible way, 24/7.

Enhance the way you manage your daily banking with just a few clicks. Our Internet Banking service is a user friendly way of accessing your accounts and transacting online through a comprehensive service designed with your needs in mind.
At your fingertips:
  • Check your account balance and transactions or open an account
  • Make payments and transfers to a local or international bank account
  • Pay your credit cards and prepaid cards
  • Open a savings, current, or even a fixed deposit single account account 
  • Set up, view or amend a standing order,
  • View direct debits
  • Pay your bills
  • View your loans and investments 
  • Register for services such as  MCB Refill, Juice or MCB Secure

How much secured is IB?

  • MCB IB provides you with maximum security and confidentiality for your banking transactions over the web.
  • All your transactions are encrypted, using strong encryption keys commercially available to date.
  • The MCB website uses a Verisign Secure Server Digital ID to offer proof of identity, to enable secure communications and to encrypt transactions with site visitors through their web browser connections.
  • The "s" in https and the closed padlock indicate that the website is secured. 

What are the security issues with managing my accounts via the Internet?

A personal MCB User ID and a computer-generated password that will be known only to you will ensure that no one but you will have access to your accounts
On your first login session, you will be requested to change the allocated password.
We strongly recommend that:
  • You memorise your User ID and password.
  • You keep your User ID and password separately and in a safe place.
  • You change your password regularly.

How do I change passwords?

  • Click on “My Profile” in red at the top right of the screen
  • Choose Change login password
  • Fill in the fields
  • Click on "Continue"
  • For security reasons, it is strongly recommended to regularly change your password

How can I change my Token Password?

  • Switch on your Security Token
  • Type the Token PASSWORD
  • Click on "On" or "Ok"
  • Click on "Menu" button
  • 'CHANGE PASSWORD' appears
  • Click on "On" or "Ok"
  • 'NEW PASSWORD' appears
  • Type your new token PASSWORD (5 digit)
  • Click on "On" or "Ok"
  • 'CONFIRM' appears
  • Type in your new token PASSWORD
  • Click on "On" or "Ok"
  • 'COMPLETE' appears

What if I close my session without logging out?

It is recommended to log out before closing the window. But, even if a session is closed without a proper log-out, you will be prompted to enter your User Id and Login Password again. But any unsaved transfer will be lost.

Is there a Hotline?

(+230)202 6060 - lines are open everyday from 08:00 to 20:00 hrs.

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Local individual clients are kindly requested to personally register for MCB Internet Banking at their nearest MCB branch.

Overseas customers are kindly requested to fill, print, sign and send the Overseas Customer Registration form below.

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