If you’re ready to grow, we’re ready to help. You’ve scaled your business to new heights and staying on top of everything is a continuous challenge. Explore our products and capture new business opportunities regionally and internationally.

SME Essentials

Helping our customers move their business from traditional management and control modules to digital tools

  • Allows clients to manage business securely, in accordance with current standards
  • Access to innovative platforms and systems in line with international trends
  • Improve the responsiveness and performance of business and ease access to finance

QR Code

Expand your payment acceptance to tap into new customers

  • An affordable payment solution with a minimal charge per transaction
  • Innovative business solution which involves no cash and allows instant crediting to your account
  • Secure solution with a 3 layer QR encryption and safe platform

Electronic Payment Solutions

Secure and convenient solutions

  • Electronic transfer: A fast and secure way to receive funds or to pay third parties
  • E-Commerce Solutions:
       - Offer convenience and security to your customers by accepting major credit and debit cards while transacting online
       - Ready-made solutions for professionals in the Tourism sector
  • PayPal via JuicebyMCB : Smart, seamless and safe digital payment experience

Networking Events

Disruptive entrepreneurship events to promote interactive experiences

  • Speaker Series: Meet our experts who regularly delivers a new take on business and personal growth
  • Competition: Platforms and events to encourage entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into success stories, making the impossible a reality