Foreign currency cheques & banker’s drafts

Our processing services are tailored to your business needs; through them, access your funds quickly and securely from overseas trading partners.

Send and receive money worldwide

If you need to cash a foreign currency cheque from an overseas bank, we can help you clear it within a fast turnaround time. Foreign currency cheques or overseas banker's drafts are processed, depending on whether you choose if we “negotiate” it or “collect” it.

Negotiated Cheques

  • We buy the cheque from you by paying you the amount of the cheque and the funds are then credited to your account. However, the funds will be recalled from your account if the paying bank returns the cheque as unpaid.

Collected Cheques

  • The cheque is sent on your behalf to the paying bank, whereby the amount of the cheque is paid by us into your account on the day we receive the funds from the paying bank.

As the leading bank in Mauritius, we offer competitive exchange rates and charges for issuing and depositing foreign currency cheques and banker’s drafts. In this volatile economic environment, our SME banking experts ensure you manage your business more efficiently, whilst mitigating the various risks that your business may face on a daily basis.

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