Fleetman cards

A useful and convenient way to pay, manage and control your transportation expenses while keeping your business on the move.

Enhance your vehicle(s) performance

A convenient alternative to cash and cheques, our Fleetman card is the must-have payment solution to all your fuel, oil, vehicle spare parts and other repairs expenses. Drive a more cost-effective fleet by setting, monitoring spending limits and patterns as well as managing its performance.


Manage your running costs by registering one vehicle per card
Monitor your vehicle(s) fuel consumption, maintenance and performance through the Vehicle Technical Report (VTR)
Benefit from a revolving credit
No need for PIN or signature, which is more convenient to the user
Simplify your financial and cost accounting
Accurate reporting on mileage and fuel consumption while helping you gauge the capital worth of your vehicle(s) and when it's time to replace it

Why choose MCB Fleetman cards

  • More flexibility: better control of your vehicle(s) and expenses
  • High level of security: - Each fleet card is embossed with the vehicle registration number and model, enabling the purchase of fuel for one vehicle only
  • Detailed tracking and reporting capabilities on your vehicle’s expenses, mileage and fuel consumption

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Required documents

Business registration documents
Certification of incorporation
Business financial statements
Personal Income tax returns