Smart Business Insights

Looking for guidance to build your brand and connect with your customers? Catch up with a host of experts who deliver a new take on business and personal growth.

Empowering small businesses

As a startup or growing business, strengthening your marketing or business strategy efforts is a priority to bring your brand to the next level. To help you in acquiring fresh business acumen, we bring you both business and personal growth from insights from experienced and successful entrepreneurs and coach from around the world.

Digital Marketing

It is important for businesses to create an online presence to connect to their customers. Dave Duarte delves into the fundamentals of digital marketing in this fast-paced world.

The Vision of an Entrepreneur

Having a clear vision can take your business to new heights. Dr. Alan Bougardt tells us more about having a unique vision and the discipline of execution to create a bright future for your business.

Authentic Leadership

Leadership is vital to any successful business. François-Daniel Migeon explains the salient features that distinguish a leader.



Innovation is a key differentiating factor. Sean Temlett explains how innovation can unlock value and enable businesses to have the competitive edge.


Virginie Villeneuve talks about the importance for entrepreneurs of becoming familiar with new client segmentation standards, thus allowing them to add value to their business.


E-commerce solutions can add value to your business and increase profitability. Daniel Guasco provides a holistic overview of the e-commerce ecosystem.